VIP's gallery November through January : ' Psychedelia , Rock Posters 1967 to 1970 '.
Dates yet to be confirmed:
India House : ' The North West Frontier '. Images from the Beto Collection. '.
India Office Library : ' Gandhi - a photographic tribute '.
Jan Oloffson : 'my sixties '. VIP gallery.
The Rolling Stones / Cooper Collection at Havana House. May 2020.
The Beatles - from Hamburg to Revolver. The San Francisco Art Exchange.
The Philip Townshend Collection. San Francisco Art Exchange.
The North Shore, Nashville. March 2020. Images of Contemporary India , North West Frontier.

the photographs of FELICE BEATO , at Asia House curated by Raj Prem Fine Art Photography and the Indian High Commission. Opening February 14th 2020 .

Morrison Hotel is proud to present an exhibition of Michael Cooper's photographs , presented in association with Raj Prem Fine Art Photography. Opening January 11th closing for 4 weeks.

Raj Prem Contributes Photos To Book Chronicling Rolling Stones

It is no surprise, then, that as the band and the publishers of this signature volume were assembling what must be the ultimate in Rolling Stones shots, they quickly thought of Raj Prem. Including over 500 pages of stills from many of the time’s most renowned shooters, The Rolling Stones will include of a limited collector’s edition run of a mere 1,500 units – each numbered and signed by the band themselves. To go further, six art editions will highlight runs of merely 75 each and include a photographic print. The large number of photos from Raj Prem’s collection, shot by Philip Townsend and Peter Webb, included in this book, seeking to tell the tale of the Stone’s legendary history, is an incredible honor to the collector and fits perfectly with his ethos, as he has been quoted as noting: “It’s the back stories I find really interesting.”

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