Raj Prem To Feature Photos From His Collection In Rolling Stones Photobook

Undoubtedly, musical opinions are some of the most personal that exist, so all-encompassing statements about choruses and artists are often hard to back up convincingly. There are a few, however, that are truly hard to argue. One of those rare universally held beliefs is undoubtedly that The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest rock and roll acts of all time. First, from a musical angle, a compelling case can be made as their albums have generated some of the most well-known and iconic songs the genre has seen. But it may be the image aspect of the band that truly puts them above other rock acts. The Rolling Stones set the precedent for how a rock band should conduct their affairs. In the hope of appealing to diehard fans, German publisher TASCHEN, editor Reuel Golden, and the band itself is releasing a previously unseen look into their fifty-year career in a collectible book called simply “The Rolling Stones”. Adding to the collection of photos and stories from the band’s personal archives, many previously unreleased, distinguished photo collector and exhibition curator Raj Prem, has provided many legendary prints for this definitive collection.

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