Raj Prem On Why He Shares Acclaimed New Beatles Photos

The commendation surrounding Raj Prem’s newest exhibit comes alongside a career of working with the San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE). As Prem has noted, working with the SFAE has remained an important component of this and many other rock-based exhibits. “I value the opportunity to work with SFAE owners and directors Jim Hartley and Theron Kabrich,” Prem said. “We’ve done 40 plus exhibitions together over 18 years. SFAE was the first gallery in the world to showcase the music photography genre and is probably the most efficacious outlet for celebrity photography.” Prem remarked that the Beatles exhibit is only one of many showcases he has facilitated with the SFAE over the years. As he explained, “Jointly we’ve co-produced several exhibitions of top UK and US photographers, containing Robert Freeman, Iain MacMillan, Terry O’Neill and Dominique Tarle .” The 50 year Beatles anniversary exhibit aims to not only reinvigorate original fans about their musical heroes, but for Prem to also give younger fans direct access to the group.

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