Raj Prem Is The Cohesive Force That Keeps The Pictures Of ‘60s and ‘70s Together

Raj Prem has become a solid force in making sure the photographs of the ‘60s- ‘70s period are kept together while working with SFAE’s directors and proprietors Theron Kabrich and Jim Hartley, who in Prem’s view is the “eminence grise” of SFAE and the unsung genius of the business,. “Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session – Pictures by Peter Webb” is a stirring display that includes the entire remaining archive of Peter Webb’s 1971 photo session with The Rolling Stones for the “Sticky Fingers” album. Over two-thirds of the photos have never been viewed by the public, which makes the exhibition a roaring success among Stones followers and art lovers. In line with the Stones ‘ Sticky Fingers’ US tour this year, a more comprehensive exhibition at SFAE is being discussed, where Webb’s archive is presently on display as a permanent fixture. “When something’s gone it’s just gone, you know. We are talking 38 years instead of talking a year or two. After they’d been found I walked around with this huge smile on my face for days,” Webb said to  Snap Galleries. According to Webb, taking pictures of The Stones “as they were” at that exact moment in time, free from any central “concept” was the best idea he had.

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