Month: November 2017

Raj Prem Helps SFAE Become Exclusive US Outlet For Peter Webb

Raj Prem explains that the exhibition portrays a coherent collection of group and solo portraits in both black and white and color, shot against the purpose-built backdrop developed by Webb at his North London Studio. One example is “Stones Rollin’,” a pre-cursor to Peter Webb’s famous ‘Falling Stones’ image, which was voted as one of […]

Raj Prem To Showcase Peter Webb’s ‘Sticky Fingers’ Photos At SFAE

Webb told Snap Galleries, “When something’s gone it’s just gone, you know. But we’re not talking missing for a year or two, we’re talking 38 years. After they’d been found I walked around with this huge smile on my face for days.” He explained that photographing The Stones “as they were” at that exact moment […]

Raj Prem Prout To Fill In For Peter Webb’s ‘Sticky Fingers’ Exhibit At SFAE

Commonly known as SFAE, the San Francisco Art Exchange stood as the first gallery in the world to bring in music photography genres, and is probably the most successful outlet for celebrity shots. Raj Prem and SFAE have hosted over 40 exhibitions across over 18 years, working with idols including Robert Freeman (“Beatles for Sale” […]